Posted is on a mission to create a meaningful mailbox experience.

Whether you are a snail mail lover or know a special person that deserves a beautiful gift, Posted delivers premium letters that are received with joy.

Posted was started in 2017 by twin brothers Paul and David DiGiovanni.

What started as an experiment sending art to family and friends quickly grew into an operation producing premium, custom designed letters.

Posted is pushing the creative limits of what a letter can be.

High quality materials, premium printing, exquisite art, and powerful themes are used to create letters that are meaningful and unforgettable.

Gratefully, Posted

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about Posted. We would love to connect with you on Instagram (@PostedLetter). If you are looking to send or receive a Posted letter, please visit our shop.


Premium letters,

mailed for you.

Pick a letter, customize it, and we’ll mail it for you.