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Hand Addressing Envelopes with Care


An envelope can tell you a lot about the letter inside. The type of paper, its size, color, stamp, and addressing all tell a story. To signal a higher level of personal care, we choose to hand-address every Posted Letter with quality penmanship and precise alignment. Good penmanship can take time to develop, but thoughtfully aligning your addresses can be done by anyone with this simple tip.

To get started, all you need is an envelope, ruler, pencil, pen, and eraser. Using the ruler and pencil, draw guidelines on the envelope for the return and recipient addresses. Depending on the size of your envelope and handwriting, this can vary - make sure the lines are evenly spaced.

Once your lines are down, use your pen to write the address following the guidelines. Once your ink is dry, erase the pencilled lines to reveal clean and straight addressing. Some prefer to leave the lines in place for a more authentic look.


For your next letter, take this extra step when addressing the envelope and your recipient will know the letter inside is worth reading. If you’d like to buy a hand-addressed Posted Letter for yourself or a friend, visit our shop.

David DiGiovanni