The stories behind our letters. Learn about how we create each Posted Letter and the contributors who make it happen.

A Big Leap Forward in Quality and Quantity


After I sent the second letter, my brother saw something in the project and offered to help. I knew I needed help to take this project to the next level, so I was glad to have a trusted partner on board.

Quality Check

My brother, Paul, has a certain kind of aesthetic awareness that I lack. I was so wrapped up in the idea of connecting with people through mailing letters that I didn’t pay much attention to the overall design and experience of what I was mailing.

Paul suggested we purchase quality envelopes for the third letter instead of using the cheap, white envelopes. This simple change alone raised the letter to a new level of quality. The envelopes we purchased featured a linen texture and printed addresses.

The back of the envelope used for Letter #3.

Another small, but significant change that Paul suggested was to print the handwritten note on a piece of paper that is no bigger than the envelope. This way it doesn’t have to be folded and will look much cleaner when read by the recipient. We also used a heavier weight paper that a more professional feel to it.

The note, handwritten by Dave.

More Art

While the previous letters featured a single piece of art, we decided that it was time to put more into each letter.

Paul recruited his colleague, Jason Risner to take a series of photographs specifically for Letter #3. Each subscriber received one of the three artful images captured by Jason.

Photo by Jason Risner.

We also purchased a variety of art cards from Ramin Nazer, a favorite artist/comedian of ours. Ramin’s art cards are colorful, psychedelic, and weridly insightful.

Art card by Ramin Nazer.

Each subscriber also received a “Shower Thought”, sourced from Reddit and typed by Paul on his typewriter. Shower Thoughts are obvious, yet overlooked and insightful statements that will make you laugh and think. We love the idea of crowdsourcing art and the inclusion of a typed Shower Thought from Reddit with each letter shows how simple a crowdsourced art project can be.

A shower thought sourced from Reddit and typed by Paul.

So, what are we calling this thing?

After three letters sent, we were now a two-man team putting more time, effort, and money into the letter. It only made sense that we give the project a name and perhaps more importantly, a direction.


P.S. You might have noticed the serious improvement in photography. That’s thanks to Paul too!

David DiGiovanni