The stories behind our letters. Learn about how we create each Posted Letter and the contributors who make it happen.

Our First Premium Letter - Inspire with Stars


During Posted’s first year, we produced five different letters and sent over 500 total letters to our subscribers for free. With so much time and money invested into the project, we knew it was time to figure out how to make it financially sustainable. After considering various potential sources of revenue, we decided that our best option was to simply charge for each letter. To do that, we would need to produce a premium letter that was head and shoulders above anything we had done before.

Star Light, Star Bright

For our first premium letter, we wanted a theme that would inspire recipients and honor those that are dreaming big. Stars seemed like the perfect symbol, so we started putting together a letter that would use stars to inspire.

The Envelope


Designed by Twon Pearson, the envelope features a beautiful stars design on boardwalk blue paper with white ink. We addressed each letter with a white ink gel pen in traditional American cursive.

The Illustration


The astronaut illustration was commissioned specifically for this letter and was illustrated by Kyle Peaden. It was printed on textured card stock.

The Photograph


The photograph, captured by Jerad Armijo, features a night sky full of stars. It also features a lake and mountain which represent the obstacles that stand before us.

The Excerpt from Ignore Everybody


The excerpt from Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod captures a critical moment of every adventure - accepting the call. We received permission from Hugh to print the excerpt, which we typed on a typewriter and then printed on light blue Mohawk paper.

The Bookmark


The bookmark features some of Twon's envelope design and a hand-lettered nursery rhyme, "Star Light, Star Bright".

The Magnet


As a special gift, we included a Posted Pigeon magnet with each letter.

We’re in Business!

With the release of Letter #6, we were officially selling letters and generating revenue for Posted. This letter, on its own, was not profitable, but it was a solid step in the right direction. Perhaps the most important thing we learned from selling Letter #6 is that people wanted to send it as a gift. Letter #7 is in the works and will be our first letter that is specifically designed to be sent as a gift.


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David DiGiovanni