Past Letters

Browse the letters we have sent in the past. Our most recent letters are the best representation of the current level of quality and value we offer.

Letter #3 - Shower Thoughts


After Letter #2 was sent, my brother decided to jump in and help with the mailing list. The result was a big leap forward. Letter #3 featured more art than previous letters and an upgraded aesthetic.

The Art

Jason Risner took a series of three photographs specifically for Letter #3 featuring a collection of vintage items. Each subscriber received one of the three photos with their letter. Jason’s expertise with a camera shines through in each of the artful images.

Photo by Jason Risner.

We purchased a variety of art cards from Ramin Nazer and included one with each letter. Ramin’s art cards are colorful, psychedelic, and feature a statement that is weirdly obvious or insightful. Each of Ramin’s cards make you laugh, are fun to look at, and give you something to think about it.

Art card by Ramin Nazer.

Each subscriber also received a “Shower Thought”, sourced from Reddit and typed by Paul on his typewriter. Shower Thoughts are obvious, yet overlooked and insightful statements that will make you laugh and think. We love the idea of crowdsourcing art and the inclusion of a typed Shower Thought from Reddit with each letter shows how simple a crowdsourced art project can be.

A shower thought sourced from Reddit and typed by Paul.

The Letter

As with previous letters, I wrote a short note by hand using a dip pen and walnut ink. This time I wrote it on a smaller piece of paper that could be included in the envelope without being folded, which turned out to be a surprisingly nice touch. Each subscriber received a copy of the note printed on premium paper.

Note handwritten in cursive by Dave.

The Packaging

The envelope used for Letter #3 was another small way that we improved the overall quality of the letter. This envelop featured a linen texture and printed addresses. Unfortunately, hand-addressing each envelope is not an option as the list continues to grow.

The back of the envelope used for Letter #3.

The Giveaway

With each letter, we want to engage our subscribers through either online forms or mailed replies. For Letter #3, we included a link to a short survey that asks the subscribers about their favorite artists and their creative goals for 2018. On January 7th, we picked a random winner from the list of entries and sent them some Japanese stationary.

Next Steps

Our next goal is to create a brand for the mailing list that reflects the values behind the project. Creating a brand will allow us to move forward with a marketing campaign to grow the list and a business plan to monetize the list. We plan to have the branding finalized before we send Letter #4, which should happen in February.