Past Letters

Browse the letters we have sent in the past. Our most recent letters are the best representation of the current level of quality and value we offer.

Letter #4 - Open Road


The trip began with a sense of adventure. New places, people, and culture to be experienced. The journey was life-changing, but eventually, it was time to return home. Back to the job, friends, problems, and everyday routine. How did so much mail pile up? Nothing but bills and junk - wait, what's this? An envelope sticks out of the pile. A new adventure has arrived.

The Envelope

The envelope for Letter #4 featured our new logo on the front and a tire tread graphic on the back, which sets the tone for the theme of the letter.

The Art

Roads of America Print by Topi Tjukanov

“Spatial data from a new perspective” by a Geographer from Finland. See more of Topi’s work at Photo by Ivana Cajina

One of two travel photos by Florida photographer Ivana Cajina, sourced from Follow Von on Instagram

Printed Highway Pixel Art by Khaled

A print of digital pixel art by Saudi Arabian artist Khaled. This image was created pixel by pixel! Follow Khaled on Instagram @kldpxl.

The Quote


We sourced quotes from Siddhartha by Herman Hesse and typed them using a typewriter. Each quote speaks to the spiritual journey of the individual.

The Art Call


In the spirit of art and creativity, we asked our subscribers to send us art for the theme, "Detour Ahead". You can find more information about how to send us art here.

The Note


A short note handwritten to say thank you and add a personal touch to the letter.

Next Steps

We sent letters to over 175 subscribers which is exciting, but also presents a challenge to our capacity and vision for this project. We will be moving forward with Letter #5 with a focus on developing an intimate community of subscribers that create art together and inspire each other.