Past Letters

Browse the letters we have sent in the past. Our most recent letters are the best representation of the current level of quality and value we offer.

Letter #5 - Smell the Roses


The day was over before it started; a never-ending stream of problems. Nothing a stiff drink and some Netflix can't fix. Better grab the mail before going inside. Fast food coupons, the latest health magazine...and something else - an invitation to enjoy the moment.

The Envelope

For Letter #5, we reused extra envelopes from Letter #3. We added a Posted logo stamp to the front and a rose stamp to the back.

The Art


Letterpress Print by Victoria Genevieve/Kalamazoo Book Arts Center

This print was done by Victoria as part of her internship with the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The original print is 4x6", but we had it reproduced at 3x2" for convenient carrying.


Rose Photo by Carlos Quintero/

We found this photo on, a website that provides beautiful stock imagery for free. We selected this image for its dark tone which represents the beauty that can be found in life's darker moments.


Typewritten Quote & Art by Paul DiGiovanni

This small work features a typewritten quote by Rose Kennedy and is accompanied by typewriter art.


Handwritten Note by David DiGiovanni

This note was penned in classic American Cursive by David using a dip pen and black ink.

The Prompt


We included a flyer in Letter #5 that asked subscribers to tell us what they appreciate, either by filling out a simple form or by sending us art. We plan to do something fun with the collection of responses.

Next Steps

After Letter #5, our focus is to create a subscription letter that subscribers will happily pay for and value. We are in the process of creating a letter that will represent our rising standards of value and quality.