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Purchase these letters if you want to do the addressing and sending yourself or if you want us to send a letter outside the US & Canada.

Happy Mother's Day (Blank)

Happy Mother's Day (Blank)


- or let us send the letter for you -

The most elegant and sincere way to say, “Happy Mother’s Day.” Letter 008, themed with the cactus flower, is an upscale greeting card and stationery. Each letter also contains a printed typewritten card and magnet. We’ll ship everything to you so you can personally send the most special Mother’s Day card ever.

What’s Included:

  • Hand-addressed A7 envelope with watercolor cactus flower designs and a USPS Cactus Flower stamp affixed. (5.25x7.25”)

  • Hand-lettered greeting card with a handwritten custom message on cactus flower stationery inside. (5x7”, folded)

  • Typewritten quote by Stevie Wonder expressing love for mom with a watercolor cactus flower design on premium card stock. (4.25”x5.5”)

  • Custom magnet with a watercolor cactus flower design. (1.75”x2.25”)

  • Total Weight: 0.9 oz.

If you send this letter internationally or add weight to the letter, don’t forget to purchase the required additional purchase before sending.

Buy for all the special moms in your life!

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