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Letter #6 - Inspire with Stars

Letter #6 - Inspire with Stars


Stars guide us, with order and light, through the darkness. They are the truth above when nothing makes sense below. We hope you enjoy this inspirational tribute to the stars. Buy for yourself or gift this inspiring letter to a friend!

What’s Included:

  • Custom designed, hand-addressed premium envelope (5.75x8.75”)

  • Astronaut illustration (5x7”)

  • Licensed photograph from a professional photographer (5x7”)

  • Custom designed, hand-lettered bookmark (2.25x7”)

  • Typewritten, licensed quote from a bestselling book (5.5x8.5”)

  • Posted Pigeon Magnet

  • Gift orders: handwritten or typewritten custom message

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Product Reviews

“From the envelope and bookmark, to the illustration and excerpt, and the breathtaking photography, you have provided an invitation to be inspired, experience peace, be in silence, and offer words of thanks for the gifts we are given as we live this life.”

- Beth M., Customer